Evolution of Instagram – History, Logo, First video and Awards.


Why Instagram To Be So Popular?

Instagram is most popular photo sharing apps that allows the user to share, upload and view photos. By apply digital filter, users can share the photos into different type of social networking services and also in own instagram account. It is so popular among the iOS Users.Instagram was technologically advanced in San Francisco by systrom and Mike Krieger.

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Instagram Logo

The Instagram logo is very simple in its logotype. This logotype is created by humble handwritten script.This script is very alike to a font called Billabong.

The logo of instagram looks very lovely and it can admire the lot of peoles.Rumors rolled –out that along with Facebook altered logo, instagram can also decide to change the logo. Many of web designers have drawn a new logo on 2013 for instagram here. However this pre-approval not yet confirmed.

The First Video

In the middle of June of 2013, Instagram turned into another level by introducing 15 seconds video clips. Before this, it can used only to share and upload photos of the best instants. Now, instagram gives you another tactic to share your best minutes. By using movie camera icon, you can tap videos on Instagram. It can also make available of 13 filters for video sharing.

Weekend Hash Tags Projects

Weekend hash tag project is a photo contest .It can organized by an instagram community. It is used to encouraging the participants to post the innovative pictures. These hash tags will help the users to categorize and tags their photos.

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Weekend Hash tags project is nothing but the instagram staff will post a new blog entry to other instagram followers to put some beautiful pictures under the particular hash tag or themes. At the weekend of every month; the weekend hash tag was #WHPgoldenhour by using this to announce the winner on Monday.

Awards and Rewards:

Instagram wins so many awards for their excellence .In 2010, it was the runner up for “Best Mobile App”.It was titled Apple’s “Apps of the year” in 2011.Instagram won “Best Locally Made Apps “in the SF weekly web Awards in September 2011.


Instagram already have seven million new and potential users in all over the world and number one community to get bigger in Android world. There are number of awesome photos available in instagram and it attracts the more and more peoples in every day.  If you like to become so popular among the instagram community, you must have a lot of followers and likes on it.

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